Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I Need a Day Planner.


Yeah, that came out of my mouth the other day. I have NEVER used any sort of calendar/PDA/appointment keeping device.

And then I had a thought - my academic career until now always involved in-person meetings where upcoming assignments were announced. And oh yeah, all I did was go to school and work in the library and throw pretzels.

Yep. Not anymore.

Now I work full-time, run a household, beat the dog and I'm now throwing in grad school for kicks.

Virtual grad school. No one there in the front of the class to say 'this is due soon'. And that's a scary thought because I am now responsible for KNOWING EVERYTHING ON MY OWN.

What was I thinking?

What began as 'hey! I don't have to go to class' has quickly morphed into 'holy crap there is no class - now what?'

Now what is a greensheet and Blackboard.

And - a day planner. Sigh. A kicky retro day planner. THAT will make me feel better about having to write things down.

Because there's no way IN HELL I'm carrying another electronic device. That has its own alphabet.

I have to learn the Dewey Decimal system, and there isn't enough room in my head for both.


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