Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's Been a Hell of a Month

And now? I'm coming up for air.

So I went to the East Coast and the next day Morgan's grandma passed away and he went to P.A. so I didn't see him for over a week and it was terrible because I couldn't go since I had THREE DAMN PAPERS due the end of the next week. Then I had a case study and a major paper and an Information Retrieval project due over the course of the next three.

And today? The case study and major paper are DONE.

Never fear - there are two more papers and two Information Retrieval assignments left for the next month.

I may never take three classes at a time again...I'm not sure if they get in the way of life or if life gets in the way of them, but either way, it's not been a fabulous experience...not that it's bad or anything, just stressful when I think that this time around my degree really is about the REST OF MY CAREER.

And then I decided that I might hate my current job, but no one can understand why.

And I don't know either...all I know is if I could walk out and walk into a library job I wouldn't think twice about doing it.

But I can't.


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