Sunday, November 19, 2006


Just blah.

I've done enough today that I no longer have the motivation to do any more. I just want to lie down and watch educational television until my eyes glaze over or I fall asleep and have a dream about cold case detectives.

My dog met my brother-in-law's dog today and they like each other okay so everyone can come for Thanksgiving. Eight people and two dogs - I'm excited! Somehow Thanksgiving is better when there's a houseful of people.

So after the dogs met, I had to go get my car washed because ick - pine sap and sprinkler water and dog hair and dog dirt were all making me very sad. Now it's sparkly and pretty - until the guys trimming my tree(!) out front drop a branch onto it.

It reality, the trees in the backyard need it worse than this one does. But we have an absentee landlord who doesn't bother us so I don't complain that they're growing over the back of the house and creeping over the garage onto the neighbors' property. No sense in stirring anything up unecessarily. Perhaps they'll do the backyard one of these days too. I mentioned six months ago that they needed to be trimmed - our gardeners don't do it - of course, they don't even cut the grass, so I'm not sure why I'd expect them to trim the trees.

Wow - that's thrilling reading right there. Trees.

I did have lunch at Pink's today.

So there - now I've bored you with trees AND what I ate for lunch.

I'm going to sleep with the dog now.


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