Friday, January 05, 2007

L.A. Culinary Adventures

For 2007, I've decided to broaden our restaurant rotation. Los Angeles is a big city, and there are thousands of places to eat. Yet, we always seem to end up at the same dozen or so places.

Then they close. (RIP, Yen Ching). Lately, we've been working on finding a new Chinese restaurant as the aforementioned mainstay of our diet went away. Last week's attempt was not as successful as we might have liked it to be - so we're still searching. I have another one on tap to try, as soon as I feed my husband's Mexican craving. That's another sticky one. There are two Mexican places we frequent: one not too far and one very far away. But, nothing in Pasadena.

You see where this is going. I have resolved that I will try one new place a week this year. And as soon as I find that stupid issue of Los Angeles magazine that has the best ethnic restaurants in the greater metropolitan area we'll be in business. I have a sneaking suspicion it ended up in a bag somewhere.

Perhaps? I'll just order another.

*But wait! Los Angeles magazine has an online archive! It's a good day.


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