Friday, November 02, 2007

An Open Letter

Dear IT guys who randomly visit my office,

Thanks for jacking everything up. It's terrific when the wireless connection here works half the day and people on Macs can't even connect to it. It's also grand that all of my project files have yet to be migrated to the new server from the old one - this makes it impossible for me to actually DO my job, as it involves managing these files. While this gives me time to blog in the middle of the day, or write papers, it makes it rather difficult to find anything that wasn't created in the past three weeks.

Yes. Three weeks.

It should not take me 20 minutes to transfer 35MB worth of information from the network to a desktop. Really, it shouldn't. It never did before this new network was installed, and back then we were running everything off of one desktop PC.

I've also noticed, and so help me God I hope it's just my Mac mirroring the old server, that we have just over 2 gig of space left for storage. Please let this be my Mac acting generally retarded, as it often is, because if we run out of space today I'm quitting and going out to drink. A lot.

I hope all the kinks work themselves out - I'd like to have faith in your abilities, but I'm just as suspicious of you as I am of 30.




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