Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Agreeing to Disagree

So some bitch in my information retrieval class keeps poking at me about one of my responses to our first assignment. For some reason, she seems to think I'm wrong - I called a picture of a dinosaur and a picture of a cow skull 'fossils'. It was my first reaction and probably not the most right one. She pointed out to me that I was wrong and I said you are correct - perhaps I should have said 'skeletons'. She didn't like that either. Now she wants to me to agree with her on herbivores. I don't know WHAT kind of dinosaur it is, so I can't say for sure it is a herbivore.

There are NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANSWERS in this exercise. I just want to scream that at her. Instead, I've decided that I just won't dignify her last post with an answer.

Take THAT! I won't play along. And I left her a nice post on her introduction, too. I think she has it in for me.

Or maybe I'm paranoid.


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