Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Over the Hump*

It's the downhill side of the week. Does this really mean anything to anyone anymore? Is that a lot of anys for one sentence?

I finished my papers FINALLY and sat through the longest almost totally irrelevant to me meeting ever today. Because really, we can hire an entire army of people, but it will do nothing to my workload except give me more bodies to explain things to. While everyone else gets support staff, I get more work. And if you think I'm kidding, our acting COO looked at me on his way out of the office today and said, "You're going to hate me, but I told what's her tits (not her real name) to give you all of the attraction information because it's out of control and she's buried, just so you know who to hate when it all shows up on your desk in two hours." To which I replied, "I won't be here. I'll hate you in the morning." (I had a salon appointment today) This in general is not a major issue. I am the document controller, and it is my job to take care that stuff. However, I am also functioning as a project coordinator, part-time graphic designer, and in a minimal office administrative capacity. This is what I call "sticking our fingers in the dam", and is what I've been doing for five years. It is also what we're trying to fix, and why we had a long boring meeting. But it will not help me, as I have and probably always will be the catch-all person in the company. When one job is given to another person, I get a new one.

So thanks, guys! In essence, this means I just have to take more time off in order to maintain my sanity. And go to places like Morocco. That reminds me that I haven't uploaded my Hawaii pictures yet.

I'll save that for when I REALLY don't have anything to write about.

Look at me ending sentences with prepositions! I feel so subversive.

And now it's time to get back to homework. Social bookmarking ahoy!

*your history lesson for the day.


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