Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Few Things.

One: competency H = done. A half dozen complete. My website still works, even.

Two: I will finish another this evening, and with sign off I'll be halfway through my e-portfolio.

Three: At the end of this semester I will be published not only on teh Intarweb, but also in print.

Four: If people keep scanning stuff willy-nilly in this office I am going to start hurting them. Badly. Especially because they end up wasting my time. Which, if you know anything about me, is what I hate the most.

Five: Someday I'm going to actually be the information specialist for my company. And I'm sure that will mean NOTHING. Sigh.

Six: The highlight of this week was falling asleep during a web conference on Monday night. Just a tip: don't take Benadryl before class. I woke up before it was my turn to talk.

Seven: My marriage has made it through these first three weeks unscathed. My husband is a saint. And he knows when to leave me alone.

Eight: I'm really a wreck right now. Some days I make it through...and some days I can't get out of my pajamas. I wake up at all hours of the night thinking. I've been up since 4:45 this morning. I got an oil change at 7:00.

Nine: I've been at work since 7:30. I'm getting REALLY ugly right now.

Did I mention that at the end of the week I'll be halfway through my e-portfolio? In just over three weeks? And I still have another nine to finish it?

That's what keeps me going.


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