Wednesday, July 25, 2007

But Sometimes?

It all comes together.

This does not mean I'm over the hump. More like smack dab underneath it. I'm slowly chipping away at the pile of work in front of me and maybe, just maybe? I see the end of it.

At least the end of Second Life. Interface Design may not go so well. And perhaps I don't really care anymore.

And hey! The group project client is ever so happy with how his space turned out. So that's something - especially since he seemed skeptical last week. One hurdle cleared.

Also? I've become the defacto document controller at work. So yeah - this means I have to create a system since nothing exists. Hello, pay raise?

That's all - I have to get back to my task models and make my arrows line up. That's two more points on my grade right there.

Chipping away.


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