Thursday, November 08, 2007

All Work and No Play...

makes me cranky. I spent 11 hours in the office today, and I'm 45 minutes into my homework for the evening. Interim deliverables are for the birds, is all I have to say.

I did hear a fantastic story about the archivists from the Lincoln Library and Museum today. Let's just say their preservation techniques were not within the norm before the new building was built. Like shoeboxes in the back of a guy's car. That was the highlight of my day. The rest of it was spent in front of a monitor either putting drawings on title blocks or uploading. Thrilling! OH WAIT! I went here today. DUDE - it is like grocery store Mecca, or Makkah if you're being completely correct. (Yeah, we do a lot of work in the MENA region) Anyway, I'm in love and I might have to move in there.

Now I'm waiting for my husband to call with a status on the non-startation of his truck. I just made up a new word, yes I did. Thank god for roadside assistance, and the fact that he is at work and not stranded somewhere on the freeway. REAL TIME UPDATE - he got it started with the help of our friend Curtis, he of the automotive persuasion. This means I won't have to eat lamb alone.

Hello to my new commenters!

Back to work.


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