Friday, June 15, 2007

Can't. Go. On.

I've really come to dread Fridays. Okay, just the last two, but still. Friday should be the best day of the work week...and lately it just makes me want to cry. By Friday morning I am absolutely exhausted and it seems like that's when the most work has to be done in the office.

Just eight more weeks of school. Then it will all be okay again. Well, not so bad.

Famous last words.

An interesting thing happens when you read an ad for your own job. The first reaction is that hey! great! Maybe now you can go pee without worrying if the phone is going to ring in those two minutes. Then you start to think about it...if they're hiring another you, what are you going to do?

And considering the fact that someone got the shoe the other week, maybe you're worried for a minute.

But then you stop and think - they probably wouldn't have shared the ad with you if you were getting fired. And they'd kinda be shooting themselves in the foot by not gleaning all the information from you before shuffling you out the door. Besides - you've been there for five years. You should've been fired long before now, if you deserved to be.

The point? One of these days I will no longer be responsible for adminstrative assistant duties. What am I going to do? You're guess is as good as mine, but most likely only involves becoming the office manager. And maybe I wish it was something different, higher level or librarian-related, but for now? As long as someone else is answering the phone I am so not complaining. And maybe I'll get a chance to do some other fun things that keep getting thrown about, but I have no time to work at.

Because dude - five years is long enough to be chained to a phone.


At 7:06 AM, Blogger Sevrenn said...

But if they fired you, you could run around Second Life chaing people with giant weeners all day?


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