Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Oh Yeah!

School started the other day...and actually, Second Life started today. So the next 10 weeks will be jam-packed with MUVEs and BarVo.


We'll get to that another time. For now I just need to describe my user group.

Someone in the office asked me today if I was going to be okay with school and work, now that we're pretty busy. I was all - "Sure" - and I didn't say this, but I really have no choice. I have to work full-time, and this summer I have to go to school full-time, so this time next year I can just be doing one of those. Will it suck? Probably. But I'll muddle through like I always do, with a couple of meltdowns and more late nights than I would like, but I'll do it.

Because while it isn't the only option, it's the only one I'll accept. I WILL graduate in May of 2008.

And really - I'm taking Second Life, for God's sake. After I write the first paper (eight pages due in two weeks, cakewalk, right?) it's all downhill. Our first assignment is to introduce ourselves in the forum, IM the instructor, and post a blog entry.

I think I'll be just fine.


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