Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So Let's Recap...

Just for posterity's sake. And then I will never think of Interface Design again.

I got a B.

I am not okay with this, but it's a fine grade and I got my three credits. For receiving little to no instruction and little feedback, I can't really complain. I learned something, even though I paid $1100 to teach it to myself.

That's what burns me the most. I spend money for people to INSTRUCT me. This is why they are called INSTRUCTORS. They are not called facilitators, and if they were then I'd see how it might be more self-directed.


Moving on, I got an A in Second Life.

I'm still pretty ambivalent about it. I've come around to seeing how it can be utilized in the academic arena, especially in terms of distance education. If a hybrid LMS system can be created that works well, it could be really useful in creating a more robust learning experience. I've now used Sloodle, a mash-up of Moodle and SL that we were the test subjects for, and it was not as hybrid as it could be - although I attribute that to the fact that it was only introduced in March of this year. I'll be interested to see what Blackboard can come up with...although I think they are already behind.

Outside of that? I'm having a hard time with virtual environments. I find it difficult to envision SL as an information portal, because I just don't see the users coming to us. It's not a "build it and they will come" environment (I just thought that up - pretty good, eh?) and I think that's where my doubts come in to play.

We'll see. For now it's over and I'll think about doing some volunteer work in Info Island.


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