Saturday, November 10, 2007

It's Vegas, Baby

Which has so far consisted of going to dinner here, stopping for ice cream here and coming home to pass out on the couch at 9:00 last night. Both of those places? Are what I never miss when I come out here - we get off the plane and go straight to dinner. And that ice cream is the best on the planet.

Today it was day of beauty! Or something. Hair, nails and eyebrows, and now I'm ready to meet some Saudi Arabian princess who's a pediatrician. She's a friend of a friend, I guess, and my host for the weekend has gifts for his friend's children that she's taking back with her.

What a life, eh? Then it's off to Pamplemousse! This is one of the few local places I've wanted to try but haven't made it to yet.

So, if you're ever in Vegas and need some suggestions? I'm there at least six times a year - I've been almost everywhere, and can tell you what to skip.

Back to the drinking!

Also: I've been accepted to do the special project I mentioned the other day. w00t!


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