Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Come ON!

High on my list this week? Maintaining my sanity. I walked into the office at 10:30 yesterday morning to a complete meltdown, which was completely resolved in about three hours.


Everything seems like an emergency when I'm not around, and when I appear it all gets thrown at me to handle because others just freeze. I changed out of my pajamas (what? I rode in from Vegas) and dug in and voila! Solved.


Competency #8 got kicked back to me over the weekend, which was defeating, especially considering that I hadn't turned in anything for over a week. But I've fixed it and we'll see what comes back in a few hours. And honestly, I've let school slip for about a week. I've done the bare minimum to keep everyone happy and nothing else. Now I have to get back on the horse because I REALLY NEED TO GRADUATE.

I can't take another semester of this. Ever. It's hard and I'm tired and I just want to be a librarian already.

But now the whining must stop and I must get back to work.


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