Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday! Saturday!

I always think about how it's a good thing no one reads my blog, especially since I haven't posted in almost two weeks. And while I'd love to describe exciting tales of wild days and nights, it would all be a fiction.

Because I? Am in theme park purgatory. Even my Google chat status says so. In the last two weeks I've become responsible for producing both an electronic version as well as facilitating the production of the hard copy version of a 100% concept presentation for a client in Korea.

So there. Top that for excitement, party people! Nothing is better than working 10-hour days on three different things, getting nowhere fast as everyone keeps changing what was supposed to be done, and realizing that the deadline for upload is 5pm on Monday.

I dream of the day when we have a client in the same time zone.

I did get a substantial raise, however, so I just put my head down and keep working. Mostly... just don't tell me the drawings that I've changed the title blocks on have been revised, or I will sprout horns and spit fire at you. I'm impressing my cubicle mate with my mastery of profanity...she was shocked to hear "cock punch" come out of my mouth.

She's new here.

Oh yeah - I'm in the office this morning working for my other boss. The one who keeps me in shoes. I know! You want my life.

I graduate in eight days. Eyes on the prize, folks.


At 1:08 PM, Blogger nancypearlwannabe said...

Hey, I read your blog! And theme park purgatory sounds interesting to me. I need stories of working on theme parks. And definitely stories about shoes.

At 6:06 AM, Anonymous blakspring said...

NPW is right - theme park stories are interesting. as well as annoying co-workers. and new co-workers who are still shockable. so hang in there.
congrats on the raise and the upcoming graduation :)


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