Monday, July 21, 2008

On the Fast Track... ruin?


Welcome to week #1 of "will I make it through the next year?" This week features the start of my second job, my other half's continuing search for a first job, and my nagging him to just forget it and go back to school already. It's fun times here in Pasadena, full of angst and worry and the feeling of oh my god I should just quit all of this while I'm ahead and go find a commune where I can be the resident librarian.

I also might be coming down with something. Yippee!

Change is a difficult thing, I know. And I know it doesn't all happen at once and it's going to take time and this is a growth process and blah blah blah it'll all be cupcakes and ponies at the end.

My greatest fear is that it's going to be ex-lax brownies and badgers.

I really need all of this to be worth it. I thought that once school was done things would be easier and I could be a human again and yes, I was for about six weeks. Now it's starting all over again and even though someone is paying me for these 20 hours a week they are not my 20 hours anymore. But it is my decision and the first step toward my dream of working in my pajamas and if I don't do this now, I might not get another chance. And then I'll be 40 and still at the same desk doing the same. damn. thing. Okay - maybe I feel better now.

In the meantime, I just need to make it to the end of Thursday, after which I will be going to Vegas for the wedding of the summer - okay, the only wedding I'm attending this summer. Also: EDDIE IZZARD. And a steak at Circus Circus. Don't laugh - it's one of the best steaks in Las Vegas, even if you have to run from door to door to avoid the fright of the casino.

That reminds me that I keep thinking about starting a side project involving my dining adventures in Sin City. I'll just put that on the list, because hey! I'm sure I have time for that, too.

Finally - do you read Miss Doxie? Because after a long long hiatus, Leigh is back! And she is really f'ing funny.


At 9:14 PM, Anonymous blakspring said...

girl, you hang in there and you'll get through it and it'll be worth it.
you had me laughing about circus circus. the first time i went to vegas was with my girl ultra and we stayed there because it was CHEAP. i will never forgot that giant neon clown face licking the lollipop. good times...


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