Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Land of Port

As Gene likes to call it, was very nice. East coast-style, really, which is fine because it's easy to walk and all that jazz.

I'm still an L.A. girl all the way.

I spent four hours in Powells and didn't make it all the way through the store. I did come out with a large pile of books AND under my budget. I'm not sure that'll happen next time, because it won't be just me, but my other half as well.

Also: the movie set? Better than Frankenweenie, it was Coraline. And while it isn't a Burton film, it is directed by Henry Selick and that's all that matters. I wish I could talk about it, but I signed my life away via NDA. Coming from an industry that relies on people actually NOT disclosing information I will respect it.

But it was REALLY COOL.

So now I'm back home slowly melting in the pre-summer heat and planning on going to Vegas this weekend because I'm not hot enough. GAH. Actually, it's kind of a work thing because everyone is going to InfoComm and wants me to come out and hang with them, since they think I'm some kind of Vegas insider 24-hour party person.

I go there and sit in my PJs on the sofa. But I guess I have a reputation to uphold.


At 5:29 AM, Blogger nancypearlwannabe said...

Oh, Neil Gaiman. He has the key to my heart in his twisted tales.


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