Thursday, July 10, 2008

Proof That I Am Certifiably Crazy

Many years ago, I resolved that if I didn't get a tattoo by the time I graduated from college, I would never get one. I didn't really ever have an idea of what I would get permanently etched onto my skin, so I escaped college unscathed.

Then, when I started grad school, I thought, "Oh! I should get the Little Prince tattooed on me since it's my most favorite book EVER." I even decided to have the Library of Congress call number put into his scarf. Meaningful, yes. Dorky? Oh Jeebus, don't get me started. I obviously have not had this etched onto my skin. And thank God for that, because I fear that I might have regretted it.

Here comes the crazy part. The other day I was watching TV and saw some dude with a squid on his back. And I remembered this:

Meet Squinky the Squamster. This is my brother-in-law's creation, and one time I said hey! I should get that tattooed on me! HAHAHAA!

I was probably drinking.

So, that squid tattoo reminded me of him. And in that moment I realized that this is the picture I must have etched onto my skin for all eternity. Tentacles and all, in the old-tyme style of sea monster sketches.

The worst part is that I mean it. I am planning on having tentacles wrapped around my arm when I'm 80.


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