Tuesday, November 04, 2008

8 and 13

Today is anniversary #8! And the beginning of our 14th year together. Really, I find it hard to believe that many years have gone by without us noticing. And this past year has been particularly uneven - the highest of highs have been tempered with some really crappy stuff. So I'm bidding an unceremonious F-U to this year of marriage, and holding out high hopes for year nine.

This anniversary also means we have been through both the four-year and seven-year itches. I figure at this point we're just too lazy to look elsewhere. Ah, love.

To celebrate? We're voting!

Also: today I am missing Tim Russert. It's just not election night without him.


At 6:47 AM, Anonymous blakspring said...

hey girl,
congratulations on the anniversaries. 13 years is a long time and there will always be crappy times (unless you accidentally get sucked into a 1950s sitcom). but you can get through the bad and the good will be so much sweeter.
here's to an amazing 14th year. cheers :)


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