Friday, October 31, 2008

The Bitch is Back.

I'm totally going to see Elton John tonight, and somehow I think Halloween might be the most appropriate day to do that. I thought about dressing up as a drag queen or Sir Elton himself, but I feel like every day is Halloween in Vegas and I probably would just blend in with everyone else.

And we all know I like to be center of attention.

So in the midst of the fragility and chaos and jackassery that seems to be the new normal these days, I'm taking some time out to hold my tiny dancer closer before the red tail lights head for Spain.

Oh yes, I am well-versed in 70s era Elton John. It's amazing I ever made it through grad school with the amount of trivial CRAP that lives in my head.


*you know they named Halloween after me, right?


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