Thursday, September 25, 2008

An Honorary Pole

Hmm. That sounds dirty. Anyway, this afternoon I'm off to lovely Portland, Oregon for the annual Polish festival! No, I am not the least bit Polish - but the people I'm going with is a Polish immigrant and the other is half Polish. I figure they make up for my Western European descent. Or whatever I am...I just tell people I'm American since my family has been here for so long. But I can do the birdie polka with the best of them, I love kielbasa and pierogies, and I can definitely drink, so I think I'll be okay.

And, if I believed in any of that planetary alignment/universe stuff, I'd say that something has re-aligned itself, evidenced by the fact that things are starting to resolve. My other half has a second interview tomorrow, and judging from what I've heard about the caliber of applicant, he has a very good chance of getting an offer. But I'm not telling him that. So, fingers and toes crossed that we'll actually have a reason to drink that bottle of Cristal in the fridge soon.

Oh yes, I have a bottle of Cristal. I'm gangsta like that. But not like this. (Project Runway spoiler in the link)

GAH. Last night? Total travesty.

And now? Time to do something resembling work until early this afternoon. Pictures Monday!!


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