Friday, April 13, 2007

Slow and Steady...

...makes me crazy. I'm writing what could possibly be the most boring paper ever. And it has to be at least 10 pages. Today I have three single-spaced pages, give or take a few extra spaces. My problem lies in the lack of interest in the subject matter - records management is not the most exciting of topics, and trying to come up with 10 pages of content about instant messaging records is proving a real challenge.

I'm boring myself writing about it right now.

It's Friday and I've come to the end of my motivation to work. I'm walking out of this office early today, because really? There will be nothing to do after 2:00 since our colleagues in the Middle East will be asleep and then on the way to Morocco.

(Insert hate lines from my head here)

I don't think I ever had an interest in Morocco until I started working here. All those architecture books, however, had an impact and now I want to go in the worst way. But hey! Hello grad school! Thanks for crapping up all of my plans to do anything until next year.

Not that I even have enough motivation to get my passport.


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