Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In Between Days

The quiet rut that is my life has been most comfortable of late. I have no clue what I've even done in the last two weeks.

I know what I haven't done - that bottle of Cristal is STILL in my refrigerator. Three weeks and counting?!!! I know - I can't believe it myself. I fully planned on drinking it over the weekend, but the gin got in the way.

I will be wrinkly someday, yes. And so will my liver.

In the meantime, I'm reading books! Who knew? I read this one a couple weeks ago:

I think it can only be truly appreciated by librarians. I found it laugh out loud funny, although from some of the random comments I've seen online others haven't found it as amusing. Nor do they consider Borchert a "librarian". I have plenty to say about that, as I am part of the group that firmly believes that an MLS does not a librarian make. I'm sure that most para-professionals in the public library could run circles around me, and I'm sure that they know a hell of a lot more about Reader's Advisory than I ever will. So yes, I consider them my peers just as much as anyone who spent the time and money for a piece of paper.

I still like my piece of paper, and the extra letters after my name. I just saw the proof for my new business card and being one of two employees with letters after her name ROCKS SOCKS.

And I started this one yesterday...many thanks to Miss NPW for putting this on her Goodreads list:

I'm 75 pages into it and captivated.


At 4:52 PM, Blogger nancypearlwannabe said...

Yay! It's really an amazing story, isn't it? Wait till you get to the parts about the Prophet...

At 1:32 PM, Anonymous blakspring said...

the best part about reading other librarian's blogs is getting good book suggestions. i'm gonna put both of them on my (dangerously long) to-read list.
can i suggest the Unshelved graphic novels? http://www.unshelved.com/store.aspx they are hysterical. so grab your cristal and go crazy - librarianship has never been better.


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