Friday, September 19, 2008

The Revolving Door

I've been at this job for six years. I'm used to people coming and going, because we are a project-based company that employs people as independent contractors. I am one of four employees right now - last week one got fired, and this week one quit.

Actually, two people quit this week. And people are all whispering in hushed tones about it, because oh noes! People are leaving, what's wrong with the company?

I just sit back and shrug my shoulders. I watch this happen all the time, so I'm pretty used to it. When people get fired or leave of their own volition, it's no big deal. What sucks is when a project tanks and you have to watch all of those people file out. Fortunately, that's only happened once (knock on wood).

What gets me is the shit that people talk about the company. Shit that worries people and makes them leave, too. So thanks, people that are quitting - thanks for leaving the rest of us to assure those you've told stories to that yes, it's fine, you're still here, right? I'm sorry that you feel as though you should be begged to stay and be given undeserved promotions and giant sacks of money. We're not in the business of stroking egos.

While I may not be at my happiest right now, I don't talk shit about the company. We're not making a lot of money, but we ARE turning a profit. We have work, and more is coming in all the time. And it bothers me that people listen to what two disgruntled employees are saying instead of going to management and asking for it straight - this is the most open-door company I've ever worked for, and they're happy to let us all know what's happening.

And look at me - I've been here SIX. YEARS. If I thought we were going under soon, I'd already be out. Am I unsure sometimes? Yes. Do I have faith that the right decisions will be made? I hope so. And when it comes time for me to leave, whether I walk out in the middle of the busiest year ever or I lock the doors for the last time, I won't talk shit. Because this is the most incestuous industry in Los Angeles and you never know who is going to give you your next job.


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