Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Day Older

Strange days. It seems like everyone is getting smacked around by life. Since I've been getting my ass kicked for months everything is the same in my corner of the world, but it makes me feel bad for others.

I still want off this crazy ride for awhile. The certain uncertainty of everything is really starting to wear on me and I would just like to go away from it and pretend it doesn't exist for a minute. I'm actually kind of jealous of people who have been laid off, because at least they get to stay home in their pajamas. And then I remember that if I'm wearing my pajamas all day I will have no home to be staying in.

But! Our new brilliant idea involves all of the scrap wood in our garage and our big plan to build a shed in the bed of our pickup. When we are broke and living on my unemployment we will build ourselves a wooden camper shell. We are going to convert the trunk of the car into a kitchen area where we will make bathtub gin, which we can take around and sell. This may or may not involve Twitter - it depends on if I can bring myself to use it. We have an AC/DC adapter for the truck, so we'll have electricity and can cook and use our blog about our life in the back of our truck. And then someone will be so interested in our story they will give us a book deal (or, I just thought, a reality TV show!)et voila! Off the street.

I live a very elaborate imaginary life, if you haven't noticed.

And an alternate plan surfaced for all of that wood should we not need to live in it...haunted shack!

Really. It's very elaborate, my imagination.

In the meantime, I'm keeping on keeping on and trying to figure out how I'm going to endure the industry awards show next week when everyone is going to grill each other about who's working and who isn't. I'm pretty sure the answer to that involves copious amounts of hard liquor. Preferably gin.

It's good that my boss is aware that I have a drinking problem, inasmuch as I really like to drink. Except that I only drink one day a week now, so I'm a total lightweight.

I'd better re-think that plan.


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