Friday, April 03, 2009

Is No News Good News?

Or is it just that I'm a total bore?

Mostly the latter, I believe. I spend my days immersed in World War II, about which I'm getting pretty smart and I now know how to avoid STDs and not to get into fights during shore leave.

I've spent a significant amount of time looking at wartime posters, obviously.

And actually, the whole process has reminded me that I do miss production. It's just that I should have been working on the front end of the process and not the back end. It is a possibility that I could really end up doing research for a living someday. If there's ever a market for it again.

Also: I obtained two library cards this week. Although, it was kind of fun to say I was a librarian without one. (I don't read often, either). Anyway, comparing my local library to LA city was interesting. In short: staff in Pasadena are totally disinterested, and I wanted to hug the librarian downtown.

The city library is also way smellier.

This is why I'm not a public librarian.

That? Might be the entire past month in a nutshell. Which also included a number of cupcakes and these. Tiny pieces of crack, those cupcake bites.

Oh! I've been cataloging other peoples' books for booze. I'm pretty sure every librarian should own his or her own scanner. Seriously. I even have my own copy of the abridged Dewey now.

Am total dork, yes.

And that's all. Time keeps ticking on and we're keeping up with it. Most days that's what matters.


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