Friday, June 13, 2008

My Personal Pilgrimage

Another weekend of living out of my suitcase is upon me. But this time it's different! I'm only flying through Vegas. To Portland.


Oh yes, I am making the trek to the holy of holies. I am so excited I could spit, and I know I'm going to be so completely overwhelmed I won't be able to remember anything that I want, and I'm not dork enough to actually take a list with me. I mean, I'm a dork, but I have some scruples.

It's an entire block. OF BOOKS. And ohmygod I just saw this:

It's a series.

ANYWAY, I'm really going to Portland for a birthday party. For a one-year-old. With 40 people. I am confused about the hubbub, and considering the fact that I will only know five people, I'll probably just quietly drink in the corner.

MMM...drink. I haven't had one of those in a week. I remind myself of how many calories I'm saving every day that I don't imbibe, and then I eat a cheeseburger.

I will never be a supermodel.

The other part of my trip? I get to visit the set of the new Tim Burton stop-motion animation film...FRANKENWEENIE. My husband hates me a little because of that. I know someone who knows someone and that's the only reason I'm going. But still!

Also: Oregon will be either my 41st or 42nd state. I can't remember if I've been to Connecticut. And if I make it 10 miles north I can cross off Washington, too.

Life is good.

PS: Stolen Innocence was fantastic. Very highly recommended. I'll spend my trip reading back issues of US Weekly.


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