Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And Another Thing.

Making friends is kinda hard when you hate people. You hang out with some people, and then they want to be your friends, and maybe you aren't so crazy about being bfs with them. But you can't avoid them forever, mostly because it's rude, and you know you're going to get roped into doing something with them.

Something that may not involve liquor, which is a travesty. Because booze really raises your people tolerance levels. And really you should probably try that more often to help with the whole people-hating thing. But you can't be drunk ALL the time. "They" would call that a problem. Of course, it could be the solution to all of your hatred. You should look into that.

And your husband is NO HELP, especially when he refuses to participate in activities such as karaoke, even just at someone's house. You understand why, but can't he just play along for once? Take one for the team? And suddenly you think you've typed this before.


Let's hope musical improv solves this dilemma.

God Damn I Hate People.

Even my own friends...but I guess if I hate them they really aren't my friends.

I'm just utterly annoyed by the masses.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Two Down...

Management is a breeze!


But I'm pretty sure my information retrieval instructor got eaten by a bear. No one has heard anything from her since the end of April.


Friday, May 12, 2006

Just Like That

The semester is over. I submitted my last project this morning and I'm done. Of course, now the waiting for grades game begins.

But I made it through my first semester of grad school relatively unscathed. And what have I learned?

1. I DO NOT want to be an indexer.
2. I DO NOT want to be a school librarian.
3. I really am one of the few information architecture students.

And, most importantly -

I really DO want to be a librarian.

Monday, May 08, 2006

89 out of 100

That's my grade for my first class.


Three credits down, 39 to go.