Monday, January 31, 2005

daily dinosaur comics

Mine too.

The Art of Kissing

I love this book - almost as much as I love "How to Make Love".

Holy Cow, What's Wrong With My Head?

So last night was crazy go nuts night in my head, I think. I had another famous person dream in a series of those dreams.

This one involved me in what I think was a TV show. Clea DuVall was in it, so that leads me to believe that perhaps it was an episode of Carnivale. But so was Leonardo DiCaprio. And I was swimming naked in a pool with him and Clea DuVall and some other girl were really upset about it. He was trying to touch me and I really wanted nothing to do with him. So one of the girls stomped off and I went to chase her, and I ended up chasing a boston terrier. Don't ask.

So THEN I had another dream.

I needed to have my back waxed. I went to a salon to have it done and the attendant screwed it up - only half of it got waxed and there was this line of long hair left right where my hair hit my back. So I went home and decided that I wouldn't return to the salon to complain. (?) I figured Morgan could help me wax the rest of it, after he trimmed it.

No more italian dinners before bed.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Hope for House!

"House" got its highest ratings this week.

And next week's is not the same formula they've been using.

I hope it lasts.

I Think We Need Some New Friends

...maybe it's just me and my winter ennui, but I think our friends are kind of lame. Perhaps we should collect some new ones, but I really have no use for people in general and making friends takes the kind of energy I don't like to expend on just anything. And the longer I live, the more I realize just how boring most people are - not that I'm an exciting, dynamic person all the time by any means, but I can engage in interesting conversation about many topics that don't necessarily involve talking about ME. So maybe my problem is with self-absorption...and that's rampant in this town.

No wonder I'd rather stay home with the dog. Even if she is chewing on my underpants.


Is It a Cold?

A frog in my throat
my head feels stuffy, and so
maybe a cold starts.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Ki's Litter

Ki's Litter
Originally uploaded by Ween.
I got this photo today from the Pasadena Humane Society - it's the intake photo from when Ki's litter arrived there. There are a dozen puppies in that box, and if I'm not mistaken she is the puppy in the front.

So Tired.

God, I'm sleepy. It was a rough night for all but the dog, who will sleep through anything.

Perhaps tonight will bring sweet sweet rest. Lack of it is making me cranky and vaguely unwell.

In the meantime, I guess I won't try this.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Someday, I Will Copyedit The Great American Novel

Oh, That Onion is teh funny every once in a while.

Copy editors may be worse than librarians. I'm not sure yet.

The Bowel Rebellion

Bowel Rebellion
strikes after I get to work
please make it stop soon.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bored Bored Bored

I need entertaining.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Sleepy Ki

sleepy Ki
Originally uploaded by Ween.
I'm popular with her, at least.

Horribly Unpopular

So my cell phone was lost in The Whale(tm) all weekend.

I plugged it in this morning and there were no messages.

I am so unpopular.

Friday, January 21, 2005

The History of Arby's

The History of Arby's - and where the name came from.

Now it all makes sense.

Stupid Quote of the Day

From a Chicago Tribune article regarding Democrats' inaugural activities...

"It's how I imagine it's like to be Jewish on Christmas," said Clare Gannon, now an out-of-work deputy press secretary for the Democratic National Committee. "There's something big going on, it doesn't have anything to do with me."

Because being a Democrat is JUST LIKE being Jewish. And yes, I understand where she's coming from - but I still don't see it as a good analogy.

Unless you treat your political party affiliation as a religion. And John Kerry is your Messiah. In which case, you're just like the Jewish because like the Jewish Messiah, John Kerry hasn't arrived yet.

No offense to the Jewish community.

New Photos!

Lots of new photos today at Flickr.

Some that are destined to become classics.

Smells like the 90s

So I came up with one of my favorite 90s celebrities:

Alicia Silverstone.

I have the Clueless soundtrack somewhere.

Is That Loretta Swit or a weird kabuki mask?

Awful Plastic Surgery.

I love teh intarweb.

Joe Ohio

Will Joe Ohio finally get to use color in his matchbook designs???

I can hardly wait to find out.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Lost in the 90s

So I'm spending the afternoon clicking between Amazon and iTunes in search of songs that time forgot.

I ran across Blind Melon - and realized that they were a one-hit wonder...No Rain was the only hit they ever had. I'd never even heard any of the other songs on that album.

Of course, the lead singer killed himself, too, so maybe one can't judge them.

Still thinking about those 90s celebrities.

Only in New York

Or let's hope so...
A 90's themed club. Just what we need, a reminder of a decade that ended five years ago, and produced nothing worth remembering yet. And perhaps never.

When your dream celebs are RuPaul and Kato Kaelin, you need help.

I'm trying to think of my dream 90's celebrities.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Irony for Irony's Sake

Is dead, evidently. Or so the intarweb tells me. It says that spouting or writing something ironic for the sake of being ironic is so 90s.

And I suppose it is - cynicism is passe, unless you really mean it. So listen up, all you poseurs. Knock it off.

TheWikipedia entry for irony got too deep for me after a minute.

I've decided to quit thinking about this's making my brain hurt.

Mini Israel!

I'm totally meeting the founder of this place next week, along with the guy who's planning America in Miniature...

God I love this industry. I'm not sure how being a librarian can compare.

Irony for the Sake of Irony


It's too early to think about that...but I'll get back to it later perhaps.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Quote of the Day

"Sex is the best hobby for a couple. It shouldn't be a taboo, chore or a flop."


Monday, January 17, 2005

I Want to Go Here

Even if it is in Bisbee, Arizona.

This place is amazing...the trailers are fantastic.

Be a Farmer in Your Spare Time

John Deere: American Farmer.

Can you tip the cows?

Many thanks to Mistress Christine for this one.

Left Brain/Right Brain - Brain Brain Brain

So I'm trying to figure out why I'm only graying on the right side of my head and came across this article debunking the church's reliance on this theory...

So let me get this straight - according to certain members of the Christian church, my mother was too left-brained to be healed by the laying on of hands, and it was not because she was too sick.

I had no idea faith was migratory.

This is my favorite paragraph:

-  Gary Smalley is one such professing Christian teaching this right-brain/left-brain nonsense. According to Smalley, because women are "right-brained," they are "more in touch" with their feelings. On the basis of this theory, Smalley approaches the marriage relationship from a selfish wife's point of view, and concentrates on how the wife can get her husband to meet all of her so-called needs, rather than how she can be a loving help-mate to him. Smalley, therefore, actually promotes a form of female dominance in the marriage relationship. Smalley's popularization of right-brain/left-brain has been largely due to his book The Language of Love (published and promoted by James Dobson's Focus on the Family Radio program), co-authored by Smalley and fellow psychologist, John Trent. The book touts "emotional word pictures" as the means of "activating" the "right brain," alleged to be essential for a wife to communicate with her husband.

I'm all for female dominance...I'll be attempting to make Morgan be more "right-brained" so I can get what I want from now on.

I still haven't figured out why I'm graying on the right side.

A Little Hank for Monday Morning

There's a tear in my beer
'Cause I'm cryin' for you, dear
You are on my lonesome mind
Into these last nine beers
I have shed a million tears
You are on my lonely mind

I'm gonna keep drinkin' until I'm petrified
And then maybe these tears will leave my eyes

There's a tear in my beer
'Cause I'm cryin' for you, dear
You were on my lonely mind

Last night I walked the floor, and the night before
You were on my lonely mind
It seems my life is through and I'm so goddam blue
You were on my lonely mind

I'm gonna keep drinkin' till I can't move a toe
And then maybe my heart won't hurt me so
There's a tear in my beer
'Cause I'm cryin' for you, dear
You were on my lonely mind

Lord, I've tried and I've tried
But my tears I can't hide
You were on my lonely mind

All these blues that I've found
Have really got me down
You are on my lonely mind

I'm gonna keep on drinkin' till I can't even think
'Cause in the last week I ain't slept a wink

There's a tear in my beer
'Cause I'm cryin' for you, dear
You were on my lonely mind

Friday, January 14, 2005

What is it about Joe Ohio?

It really makes me long for that time...I'm just totally drawn into the story, even if it is about an imaginary matchbook designer/salesman. Maybe it's the whole design thing. Or the fact that Lileks actually takes real history and weaves it into the story.

The link is to today's episode, based on Lal DiEgidio - this is his story.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Today's Fiddlestickery

Morgan's entry for today is either teh best evar, or teh suck.

You decide.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Joe Ohio - Book!

Yay! I was thinking that Lileks should make his new matchbook serial into a book.

And he will. Truly my hero, even if he does use teh Mac.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

"Songs I Tried to Resist" - Linnells' iTunes Playlist.

"If I'm going to like a song I usually like it right away. I try to be open-minded and I don't feel that I'm particularly jaded. But there are times when one is so worn down by repeated disappointments that the ears stop paying attention, and then you sometimes miss out on the real hidden treasures. With that in mind, here's a collection of songs that someone (often my wife) played around the house or specially for my consideration that I didn't go for until after the first or sometimes even the tenth listen. In some cases I had every reason to believe that I wouldn't like what I was going to hear and was, to paraphrase George Michael, 'listening with prejudice'. In all cases my reservations turned out to be unfounded and my resistance was crushed."

Track 1: "Get in or Get Out" - Hot Hot Heat: "I knew I was supposed to like this CD and resisted partly on that basis. The band was presented as The Cure meets XTC, which sounds kind of appealing but which paradoxically turned me off. I guess that Hollywood-style formula of 'A meets B' always smells unpromising. When I hear the song now I forget all about the hype and enjoy it on its own terms."

Track 2: "Blitzkrieg Bop" - The Ramones: We had a friend in high school who kept pushing this record on us. I remember indulging his relentless enthusiasm for this brand new, puzzingly stripped-down kind of music without really liking it for a few weeks. The whole thing took a while to make sense, but once I got it, it changed everything forever. I know someone who's about 10 years older than me who had an identical response to Jimi Hendrix's 'Purple Haze' when it came out. He and his friends heard it and tut-tutted about the fall of Western Civilization, and within a week or so they were all walking around going 'Daernt DAERNT! Daernt DAERNT!'"

Track 3: "Glamour Girl" - Chicks on Speed: "My wife played me this without any explanation. My ears were tired and grumpy and I didn't want to like it. I still doen't know exactly where it's coming from, but the disturbingly, subtly messed-up vocal was what eventually won me over."

Track 4: "Smells Like Teen Spirit" - Nirvana: "How to explain this one? I clearly missed the boat, and I really don't know why. When the record came out it sounded noisy and unfocused and like an inferior version of the Pixies to me. I didn't see the video until I had aready 'gotten it', but it was an interesting example of why I would fail miserably as a record executive."

Track 5: "Dancing Queen" - ABBA: "I can barely remember hating this song because I've loved it for so long, but there was definitely a moment sometime in the mid-seventies when all indicators pointed to ABBA as a toxic force and to the malignancy of this song in particular. Hard to explain this to youngsters who were not actively oppressed by this unavoidable juggernaut when it came out. Listening now I'm haunted by it's reverb-y beauty and the poignancy of the lyrics."

Track 6: "I'm Like a Bird" - Nelly Furtado: "Another example of my self-defeating, knee-jerk aversion to songs that are wallpapered all over the radio. My problem, perhaps not yours."

Track 7: "Gay Bar" - Electric Six: "I remember the tolerant winces I and other listeners wore the first time we heard this. Every now and then, however, offensiveness is a perfectly valid form of entertainment. After a few more listens I started singing along to this, and then I checked in with the video which added some depth to the whole experience."

Track 8: "You'll Be in My Heart (Phil Version)" - Phil Collins: "Defending the music of Mr. Collins can be a fruitless, time-wasting effort. In the simplest terms, throughout his career I've been silently praying that the earth would open up and swallow him and all his works. So the pleasure I took in this ballad from the Tarzan soundtrack took me completely off guard. Something about the third and fourth chords against the melody in the chorus seems to transcend the cheap sentimentality in his music that I have found so offensive in the past. Either he made some radical breakthrough in his songwriting or I've gone soft in the head. Or both."

Track 9: "I'll Take New York" - Tom Waits: "I must have heard this record when it came out, but I had completely forgotten about it until John Flansburgh and I heard this on the radio recently, and it made Tome Waits seem fresh and interesting again. To me it echoes a really strange, creepy version of a song called 'Stepping Out With a Memory', that Ted Lewis performed in his plaintive style."

Track 10: "Midnight Train to Georgia" - Gladys Knight & the Pips: "This was Mr. Flansburgh's suggestion for my list of the initially underappreciated. He reports that he thought it was a flip little pop confection with no depth until sometime well after he first heard it, when he checked out the truly poignant lyrics and realized what a heart-wrencher it really is. I feel similarly about 'Do You Know the Way to San Jose' by Burt Bacharach, having originally heard it when the lyrics were uninteresting and incomprehensible to me."

Track 11: "Manitoba" - Frank Black and the Catholics: "I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't run out and buy this CD when it came out. I wasn't anticipating the effect that the song would have on me because the way I listen to everything is clouded by context and expectations. This song really kills me in a way that I can't really explain, tending towards the atheistic and anti-mystical as I do."

Track 12: "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" - Bobby Vinton: "The night does indeed have a thousand eyes, though it makes us uncomfortable to contemplate this."

Finally! Pirate Museum Photos

He's a nutjob.

And I love the Jack Sparrow lookalike.

So THAT'S What Emo Is

Huh - I almost wish I'd remained ignorant.

Dressing "emo" seems to equate with dressing for celibacy.

Love those birth control glasses.

I will not speak again of these people.


The sun is shining
The dog will play in the yard
and not on the couch.

Monday, January 10, 2005

My Flickr stats

I just had to mention I was going through my photos on Flickr and looked to see what the most popular one was.

It's the butt shot of Vic in my panties.

I think I'm creeped out by that.

My Rocker

My Rocker
Originally uploaded by Ween.
This picture makes me laugh every time I see it.

It could almost be his hair.

Good Old Reading, PA


I don't think I need to say anything else.

From Paint Your Wagon to Traffic Reports

I really have too much time on my hands.

The rain is making my brain go soft.

who's my little monkey

who's my little monkey
Originally uploaded by prunella.
Real dogs should never wear monkey ears.

Funny Monkey

Originally uploaded by dancityofsound.
I found him while searching Flickr in hopes of finding the face of Morgan's monkey.

I know I have a picture with him in it.

Poor faceless monkey...we will fix you up.

Alone at Work

Tracy calls at 9
Phil emails me from his phone
Stuck in wet traffic.

So Rainy

It rains with no stop
Houses wash away downstream
Is it El Nino?

Friday, January 07, 2005

The Farmer's Almanac

Wow - it's way wrong.

Look at this.

Hopefully all the rain will fall only in January. I can't take much more of this.

Pirate Soul Gets Farked!

We have arrived!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

My Own Pirate

Natalie Merchant
the pirate of my iPod
let it go, you wench!

Real Puppies Shouldn't Smuggle Dope

Poor puppuses. Caught up in the drug trade so early.

An Intern at My Age?

Yeah, that would be fine were I med student. Somehow, it seems kind of retarculous for me to do an internship when I've been out of school for almost six years. And yet, that's what this guy is suggesting. And a portfolio review? Ha!

I don't work in the industry anymore, nor do I want to. I just need this stupid degree so I can be a librarian .

Let the jackassery ensue!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Disney - Putting the Best Faces Forward

There's still time to submit collage pictures for Disneyland's 50th birthday!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Ah, Engrish

I'm not so sure I'd get This stuff from a mini-bar.

Just saying.

Once Again

It sits there broken
10,000 Maniacs makes
my iPod poot out.

The Unexplained

It was broken, yes
but now it works just fine, yes
Apple? still teh suck.

Monday, January 03, 2005

An Ode to My Broken iPod

Oh, broken iPod
so forlorn inside my purse
Apple is teh suck.

Holy Crap!

More proof that at least one of them needs to be held up.

They get more frightening every day.

Elephants Help Clear Debris in Thailand

I love elephants.