Monday, January 30, 2006

I Coulda Been a Contender!

So, last night we went to see a taping of 'The Contender'.

In downtown L.A. The warehouse district, as they like to call it. Also known as 'four blocks from Skid Row'. Seriously, we saw a bonfire in a parking lot.

The fight was held in an old rundown warehouse with no roof and a missing back wall. Nothing but the best for Hollywood. Of course, they probably got it for next to nothing, which is pretty smart. It was almost like being at an illegal fight, ala 'Fight Club' (which I hated, and I think I'm the only person on earth who does).

The celebrity report? Sugar Ray Leonard walked by about three feet from where we were standing. And Mark Burnett was there - poorly dressed, I have to say.

The fight itself was a lot of fun and we were in the front row right behind one of the teams so we should get some decent camera time when the episode airs. You have to feel bad for the loser, but I can't speak of it - nondisclosure and all that.

I'm still cold, though.

Friday, January 27, 2006

The Great Zucchini

This article is a link from Lileks today.

It might be one of the most amazing human interest pieces I've ever read.


The Virtual Classroom

It's an interesting experience to know that you'll most likely never meet these people face-to-face. To have to develop a personality in writing alone takes some skill, and I'm all about making myself sound interesting. But, maybe I really am to a middle-aged housewife who's returning to school.

And? So far, it looks like I'm the only information architecture student. Eep.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


In the grand tradition of being a college co-ed, I got totally trashed last night.

My head was ready to split open at 6am, and my liver is weeping juniper and hops and whatever goes into Kentucky whiskey that I can't remember right now because my brain hurts.

Damn I wish I were 17 again. Drinking was so much easier then. However, I did get up and have a shower (AND washed my hair) and got dressed and made snacks and got to work on time.

Then I needed a nap. I still need one.

I Post and I Post and I Post

When I really should be reading and reading and reading.

I've decided that's what the afternoon is for. If I can stay awake.

And really, only one of my classes has a dynamic group of people right now - I fear for the future of the other two. I'm quickly realizing that how the instructor introduces the members of the class to each other makes all the difference.

Now I have to write another personal statement and find another picture to post.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

And now?

I'm tired of introducing myself.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Blog Comment of the Day

From Amalah's post today:

I tried a Sharpie on a bleach splashmark near the crotch of my husband's pants one day, and it worked not at all. Embarrassing to walk around with a guy who has a wife who uses Sharpies on his pants and who wears the pants anyway because so what it's just pants. With a covered-up bleach splashmark that now looks like a properly-placed wet mark. Oops.


Is something I would do.

My First School Assignment

If only there were all so easy - writing a personal statement is a piece of cake. Who doesn't like talking about themselves? And in writing you can make yourself sound wittier and more exciting than you might be in real life.

Except that I've read the first entry. It's in list form.


Becoming an iconoclast in the librarian world may be easier than I ever imagined.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Why Schools Close in Southern California

Today Cal State San Bernardino closed because of wind.


I love this place.


Janette Carter has died.

She was the last remaining member of the Carter Family.

The circle is now unbroken.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday is the Longest Day

I've watched the minutes tick by since 10am. I've wasted the entire day online, and not IM'ing. Some people actually work during the day, I guess. I scroll randomly through blogs and poot around on MySpace from time to time.

Next week - school! At least I'll have something to kill the time.

My brain is atrophying as I type.

I Have to Quit Reading the Star

Last night I had a dream that Nicole Richie was at my house and the dog ate her shoe. I promised to buy her a new pair - fortunately, they were only $38 shoes.

And they were white and ugly. Like those waffle weave things from the '80s.

In an unrelated dream, I was on my way to a mall when I had to abandon the truck because there were SWAT teams and all sorts of police in the street have some kind of gun fight. They did not, however, care that I was walking right through the middle of whatever was going on.

There were mounds of shell casings in the gutter.

So I must be feeling better, right?

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Woo Hoo! Sergio Leone!

Autry Museum tonight!!




Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Okay I Just Remembered This.

So I had a dream last night that I was in a CPK somewhere and the service was so terrible we decided to leave and I asked for the manager who did absolutely nothing for us and made us pay for the beers and appetizer we had gotten.

Then we walked out and down the street to find somewhere else to eat. And there were no streetlights.

I think we ended up looking for a Mexican place.

I really yelled at that manager, though.

And the only reason I remembered this is because of today's toothpaste for dinner drawing.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Today is Why I'm Going to Grad School

Most days I don't mind my job. But today reminded me about why I'm going to grad school.

I hate getting coffee and ordering lunch for other people.


I have done it for over six years, and I know I have to do it for at least two more.

But starting next week there will be a very dim light at the end of the assistant tunnel. As far away as that is, there's still a light.

And a chance that someday I won't be the voice of a company anymore.

Monday, January 16, 2006

How I'm Going to Die

Oh yeah.

Nose News

So, I can breathe again - but now something has lodged itself in my throat. The fact that I was AWAKE UNTIL 2am on Saturday didn't help. I think by that point I was so full of medicine that my body refused to sleep. Even nighttime pills didn't help.

I slept a lot yesterday.

Someday I will feel better.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Sleep! That's Where I'm a Viking.

I know I'm sick when I have dreamless sleep. Last night I made it over 5 hours before I woke up in some dried-out Sudafed haze. And that's the catch - you either don't breathe at all or take something that dries you out and you wake up feeling like you've been in the desert for a month.

And lip balm is like crack to me right now.

The good news is that with all this mouth breathing I haven't needed my bite guard.

The bad news is that my right sinus cavity feels like it's on fire from my nostril through my forehead. Oh good, now there's some pressure too.

Good thing the weekend is coming.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Today I Am Deaf

In my left ear. Just like Morgan. I guess we'll just have to yell at each other. Or get a chalkboard to write notes.

What I did get today, however, is this - my very first Shag print. #176 of 250.

I love it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Best Jobs for 2006

Oh yeah - librarian.

The Mung

Has me in its grip. So here I sit in my corner, all bundled up in a blanket. With my jacket on. And the heat. And in a minute, the heater to warm my toes.

All I need now is a cot.

Monday, January 09, 2006


The weekdays are kinda starting to run together. Every one seems pretty much the same as the last - and while I do enjoy routine, this one is killing me.

I'd rather be home with MALM, Morgan's new dresser. Of course, that would mean I'd have to do laundry. But now I have somewhere new to put it!

And I could exchange the new curtains for something less bland. Tab-tops just aren't working for me. Blech.

And - new lamps! But nothing to put them on.

Who knew my home life was so much more exciting than themed entertainment design? Even half-finished home is better than same hard chair.

Oh God - I'm boring myself now.

Back to the 50s.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Quote of the Day

From Amalah:*

Basically, IKEA is an abusive boyfriend who twists your arm too hard and then buys your forgiveness with an ingenious media storage solution that he will then not help assemble because he wants to go drinking with his friends and after you assemble it yourself you realize that it doesn't actually fit your TV after all and it kind of wobbles but you use it anyway because you don't want to make him mad because he hits you sometimes.

I need bookshelves! And a new dresser!

*she talks a lot about her baby, so you might skip the link if you're not into that sort of thing.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Permanent Impression

I'm pretty sure this chair is molded to my butt alone. I don't think anyone else could ever sit in it. Sometimes I can't even sit in it. One of the consultants called yesterday and asked me if I'd had any time off over the holidays. 'Sure, I said - I got Monday off. They don't let me go away.' Then she asked what they do when I'm gone. I just laughed. And then I realized that I haven't taken more than two days off at once since June. Even then, it was only 3 days.

For those of you keeping track, that was seven months ago. Everyone else has had at least two weeks of vacation since then. Even Aubrey, who just started in August.

Everyone but me, who hasn't taken an entire week off of work since 2001. Unless you count unemployment, but I don't think you can factor that in. And still, it's been 3 years since that.

What the hell am I doing? Half of it is that Morgan doesn't get time off. Who wants to vacation alone? Not me. The other half? I'm afraid to go away from the office because someone always needs something. I feel guilty taking half a day off every other month. I get phone calls no matter where I go, so I just don't.

A permanent impression, indeed. There might as well be one of my forehead in the desk.

on iPods

I thought they were supposed to be EASY to use. I've had half my music held hostage for months on the stupid thing. I finally figured out how to fix it this morning and now have to re-load over 400 songs onto it and then cross my fingers.

Thanks, Apple, for making another product that doesn't quite work right.

And damn you for having the best one out there.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Funny Dog

Charles is drew and natalie-dee's dog.

He is funny.

So is Chester.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back to the Grind

Which, I guess, I never really left. But now I actually have to pretend to work a little bit. All the holidays are over and now I can quit eating. And that's good because I'm totally sick of it and my Santa Belly taunts me. Now all that's left to do is take down the Christmas tree and put the elliptical back into its rightful corner.

Oh yeah, I have to actually get on it.

Soon I can read my school assignments while I'm riding. Ha.